Biden Administration Contemplates Executive Measures to Discourage Unauthorized Migration at the Southern Border

Biden Administration Consider Executive Action to Address Illegal Migration

The Biden Administration’s Plan to Address Illegal Migration

Executive Action to Deter Illegal Migration

The Biden administration is exploring the option of taking executive action to deter illegal migration across the southern border. This proactive approach is a response to the unlikelihood of passing border security legislation in Congress. By considering these plans, the White House aims to take action before the expected rise in border numbers occurs.

Months of Deliberation

The plans for executive action have been under consideration for several months. In December, when Congress was about to adjourn for the holidays with no solution in sight, the southwest border witnessed record-breaking illegal crossings. With the intention of addressing the concerns raised by Democratic mayors who seek federal assistance in managing the influx of migrants, the administration has been drafting these measures. However, the implementation of these measures is not expected to happen in the near future.

Republican Opposition to Bipartisan Border Bill

Senate Republicans recently blocked the passage of a bipartisan border bill that had been negotiated between Democrats, Republicans, and the Biden administration over the course of several months. The White House spokesperson expressed disappointment in the Republican decision, emphasizing the need for policy reforms and additional funding to secure the border. Despite any potential impact of executive action, it is acknowledged that the bipartisan bill would have had more significant effects on border security and the immigration system.

Response to Political Backlash

President Joe Biden faces political backlash, including criticism from members of his own party, regarding his handling of the border. In response, he plans to highlight the Republican opposition to the bipartisan border legislation as evidence that solving the problem is not a priority for the GOP. However, Biden remains vulnerable on the issue, trailing his potential 2024 opponent, former President Donald Trump, by a significant margin in terms of securing the border and controlling immigration.

Unilateral Actions to Address Migration

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Biden administration has already taken several unilateral actions to address the flow of migrants. In May, the Department of Homeland Security introduced restrictions that would expedite the deportation process for certain migrants. However, due to overwhelming numbers, a large majority of apprehended migrants were still released into the United States.

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