Biden Administration Grants Record $20 Billion for Clean Energy Across the Country

Environmental Leaders Praise $20 Billion Investment in <a href="">clean energy</a>

Environmental Leaders React to Historic Investment

Sierra Club Applauds clean energy Initiatives

Ben Jealous, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, hailed the $20 billion investment as a game-changer in clean energy and technology accessibility. This landmark initiative will benefit low-income and marginalized communities, ensuring a sustainable and people-centric clean energy future. The Sierra Club commends Vice President Harris and Administrator Regan for their dedication to implementing this groundbreaking law.

Climate Action Campaign Supports Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund

The Climate Action Campaign, led by Margie Alt, expressed their congratulations to the EPA and the awardees for their commitment to fighting climate change. The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund will finance projects nationwide to combat climate change, reduce pollution, accelerate the transition to clean energy, and create new job opportunities. This forward-thinking investment aligns with the American people’s desire for impactful and sustainable solutions.

Natural Resources Defense Council Acknowledges Unprecedented Investment

The President and CEO of the Natural Resources Defense Council, Manish Bapna, emphasized the significant benefits that overlooked communities will experience as a result of this investment. From job creation to energy savings, this funding marks a substantial step towards cleaner air, improved livelihoods, and a safer climate.

Hispanic Access Foundation Advocates for Public Health and Economic Strength

Maite Arce, President and CEO of the Hispanic Access Foundation, highlighted the importance of addressing air quality issues for public health and economic stability. Vulnerable communities, particularly Latino populations facing socioeconomic challenges, will benefit from this investment, leading to cleaner air, improved health outcomes, and economic resilience.

Center for American Progress Emphasizes Community Impact

The Senior Vice President for Energy and Environment at the Center for American Progress, Trevor Higgins, praised the administration’s commitment to funding climate and clean energy projects for underserved communities. This initiative ensures that vital resources reach those who need them most, fostering a clean energy economy for years to come.

League of Conservation Voters Highlights Progress Towards clean energy Future

Matthew Davis, Vice President of Federal Policy at the League of Conservation Voters, commended the Biden-Harris administration for accelerating the country’s transition to a clean energy future. The investments from the Inflation Reduction Act will kickstart local projects, create clean energy jobs, and reduce pollution in communities disproportionately affected by climate change and fossil fuel prices.

Youth, Gifted & Green Advocates for Environmental Justice

LaTricea D. Adams, Founder, CEO, and President of Young, Gifted & Green, and a White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council Appointee, praised the funding for its focus on low-income and disadvantaged communities. By reducing climate pollution, improving air quality, lowering energy costs, and creating jobs, this initiative underscores the administration’s commitment to equity and environmental justice.

Chispa Welcomes Green Energy Investments

Estefany Carrasco González, Senior Director of Chispa, expressed excitement over the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund investments. These funds will support green energy initiatives in communities of color, leading to cleaner air, lower energy costs, and increased job opportunities. By investing in local improvements, such as community-owned solar projects, Chispa envisions an inclusive green energy future for all.

Interfaith Power & Light Supports Funding for clean energy

Rev. Susan Hendershot, President of Interfaith Power & Light, celebrated the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund for its role in creating jobs, reducing pollution, and lowering energy costs for families. This funding represents a step towards a more equitable clean energy future, directing resources to historically underserved communities.

Green the Church Promotes Transition to clean energy

Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll, Founder of Green the Church, welcomed the awardees for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund and their commitment to accelerating the transition to clean energy. This investment will revitalize communities, create economic opportunities, and advance pollution-free initiatives. Green the Church recognizes the significance of this funding for African American congregations and communities disproportionately impacted by pollution.

Coalition for Green Capital Hails Largest Capitalization of Green Banks

Reed Hundt, CEO and Co-Founder of the Coalition for Green Capital, praised the EPA’s $20 billion awards as the largest capitalization of green banks globally. This initiative positions the United States as a leader in public-private investment for clean energy, demonstrating a commitment to delivering affordable and sustainable power solutions.

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