RFK Jr. questions if January 6 was a genuine insurrection, hints at political motivations behind prosecutions

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Questions Capitol Riot Classification

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. raised doubts about whether the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol truly constituted an insurrection. He expressed concerns regarding the alleged weaponization of government agencies against individuals charged in connection to the riot.

Controversial Statements by Kennedy

In a recent statement, Kennedy suggested that while some of the protestors may have broken the law during what began as a protest and escalated into a riot, there might not be substantial evidence to label it as a genuine insurrection. He referenced a long-debunked claim regarding the rioters not using weapons and disputed the intent of the protesters to overthrow the government.

Kennedy’s Concerns and Proposals

Kennedy condemned those who violated the law during the Capitol attack and criticized Trump’s claims of election fraud. He also questioned the political motivations behind the prosecution of the January 6 defendants. His concerns revolve around the potential weaponization of government agencies against political opponents.

Call for Independent Investigation

In response to the perceived political nature of the prosecutions, Kennedy vowed to appoint an independent special counsel, respected by all parties, to investigate whether prosecutorial discretion was misused for political purposes. He emphasized the importance of upholding the impartial rule of law for a functioning democracy.

Assessment of Partisan Responses

Kennedy criticized both Trump and Biden for exploiting the January 6 incident to deepen existing partisan divides. He positioned himself as an alternative candidate challenging the establishment parties’ narratives and called for a focus on policy issues rather than demonizing opponents.

Clarification on Campaign Emails

Kennedy’s campaign distanced itself from fundraising emails that referred to January 6 defendants as “activists” stripped of their constitutional rights. His spokesperson clarified that Kennedy believes those who broke the law should face appropriate legal consequences.

Evaluation of Democracy Threats

While discussing the threats to democracy posed by both candidates, Kennedy highlighted concerns about Biden’s policies affecting free speech, emphasizing the importance of the First Amendment. He underscored the need to confront opponents at the ballot box rather than resorting to legal maneuvers.

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