Clashes over ‘foreign agent’ bill shake Georgia –

Georgia Faces Unrest Over ‘Foreign Agent’ Bill

Georgia Faces Unrest Over ‘Foreign Agent’ Bill

Clashes Erupt in Georgia

Recent events in Georgia have sparked clashes over the controversial ‘foreign agent’ bill. The situation has escalated, leading to tensions within the country.

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US Warns Georgia of Risks

The United States has issued a warning to Georgia, highlighting the risks associated with the ‘Kremlin-inspired’ law. This has raised concerns about the country’s ties with the West.

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Protests Against Russian Influence

In response to Moscow-inspired actions, Georgians have taken to the streets to protest against the ‘foreign agents’ bill. The situation remains tense.

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Western Ties at Stake

Georgia’s trajectory towards the West is facing risks, according to the United States Department of State. The current situation is putting the country’s alignment in jeopardy.

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Police Response in Tbilisi

Georgian police have resorted to using water cannons to disperse the protest crowd in Tbilisi. The use of force reflects the intensity of the ongoing situation.

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