Jeremiah Manele elected as Prime Minister of Solomon Islands with Pro-China stance –

Jeremiah Manele: The New Prime Minister of Solomon Islands

Pro-China Candidate Secures Victory

In a historic turn of events, Jeremiah Manele emerges as the winner of the Prime Minister vote in the Solomon Islands.

Election Results Announced

After a tense election process, Jeremiah Manele secures the position of Prime Minister in the Solomon Islands.

Former Foreign Minister Steps Up

The Solomon Islands’ lawmakers elect Jeremiah Manele as the new Prime Minister, stepping into a crucial role.

A New Era Begins

Jeremiah Manele takes on the role of Prime Minister, marking the start of a new chapter for the Solomon Islands.

China-Friendly Leader Elected

Jeremiah Manele is elected as the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, solidifying ties with China.

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