Creating Solutions to Protect Cultural Resources from Wildfires in Pacific West Parks (U.S. National Park Service)

NPS Fire Management Plan

National Park Service’s Fire Management Plan for Western Parks

Visitor Center at Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve
First built in 1923 and remodeled in 1948, the Oregon Caves Visitor Center welcomes over 60,000 visitors annually.

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Protecting Historic Properties

The National Park Service is developing a plan to safeguard historic properties in western national parks from wildfires. By utilizing data, surveys, and predictive modeling, the Service aims to identify and reduce the vulnerability of sites at risk. These strategies will be integrated into existing fire management plans and overall wildfire risk assessments.

Importance of the Project

Why? The goal of this project is to protect the cultural heritage within western parks from the threat of wildfires. Through data-driven approaches and predictive modeling, the Service aims to enhance the resilience of historic properties, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

Collaboration and Indigenous Knowledge

What else? The project will involve university teams and students to develop new tools and processes. Additionally, there will be a focus on Tribal consultation and incorporation of indigenous knowledge to protect cultural resources from the impacts of climate change. Traditional knowledge will play a crucial role in the wildland fire response and climate change planning process.

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