Defendants of Jan. 6 Riot Seek Millions in Lawsuit Against Police Officers

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Capitol Police Officers by January 6 Defendants

A class action lawsuit has been initiated by a group of January 6 defendants against 21 Capitol Police officers and officials, seeking substantial damages. Inmate Edward Jacob (Jake) Lang revealed this information in an interview with Real America’s Voice, emphasizing the significant financial repercussions.

Background of the Lawsuit

Lang, a self-proclaimed “January 6 political prisoner,” was apprehended shortly after the Capitol insurrection. The FBI affidavit, dated January 15, 2021, highlighted Lang’s involvement in the riot based on incriminating social media content shared by him and the public. Allegations against Lang include wielding a dangerous weapon against Capitol Police officers and obstructing official proceedings.

Claims Made by Lang

Lang, currently in custody and pleading not guilty to all charges, indicated that over 78 January 6 defendants are part of the lawsuit. He mentioned suffering injuries like being shot in the foot with a rubber bullet and witnessing severe physical harm inflicted by the Capitol Police, leading to the collective claim for damages.

Verification Attempts and Legal Representation

Newsweek’s efforts to verify the lawsuit filing were inconclusive, with queries directed to Lang and the Capitol Police. Lang stated that prominent attorneys Stefanie Lambert and Russell Newman are handling the case, adding credibility to the legal proceedings.

Controversial Statements and Unverified Claims

In a tweet, Lang alleged that several US Capitol Police officers and officials are yet to be served in the lawsuit, referencing fatal outcomes of the riot. However, the accuracy of these statements remains unconfirmed. Additionally, a video posted by Lang depicted an attempt to deliver legal documents to Thomas DiBiase, General Counsel at the United States Capitol Police.

Tragic Consequences of January 6 Events

The aftermath of the January 6 attack resulted in multiple casualties, including law enforcement members and protestors. Notably, USCP Officer Brian Sicknick succumbed to two strokes post-confrontation with rioters. Furthermore, four police officers from different departments took their lives following the turmoil.

January 6 Capitol
Supporters of Donald Trump protest outside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C. A group of January 6 defendants is suing Capitol Police officers for “millions,” said an inmate. Credit: ALEX EDELMAN/AFP via Getty Images

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