Driving during the solar eclipse: is it safe?

Staying Safe on the Road During the Solar Eclipse

Staying Safe on the Road During the Solar Eclipse

Unique Challenges of Driving During the Eclipse

Are you wondering if it’s safe to drive during the upcoming solar eclipse? According to Katie Bower, director of the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, the eclipse brings unique challenges to roadway safety. As visibility decreases during the eclipse, drivers and pedestrians should be extra cautious, patient, and alert to ensure everyone’s safety.

What to Keep in Mind While Driving

For your safety, it’s advised not to watch the eclipse while driving. AAA Michigan recommends keeping your vehicle’s headlights on, using the sun visor to block the sun, and avoiding wearing eclipse glasses or trying to take photos/videos while driving. If you want to view the eclipse, make sure to exit the roadway and park in a safe area away from traffic.

Road Safety Tips for Eclipse Watchers

Avoid railroad tracks and trains while watching the eclipse, as advised by a group focused on rail safety. Federal Highway Administrator Shailen Bhatt recommends planning ahead, arriving early, and staying put to avoid traffic congestion during this rare event.

Impact on Road Safety and Traffic

While there isn’t a lot of data on how eclipses affect road safety, the 2017 partial solar eclipse in Michigan showed a decrease in crashes. However, areas experiencing a total eclipse saw increased road activity and traffic congestion, leading to an increase in fatal crashes.

With more than 200 million people within driving range of the upcoming eclipse, it’s essential to be aware of potential traffic safety issues. Stay safe on the road during this extraordinary celestial event.

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