Espaillat Calls for Justice Alito to Recuse Himself from January 6th Cases Before SCOTUS

Adriano Espaillat Denounces Supreme Court Justice Alito

On the House floor, Representative Adriano Espaillat delivered a powerful message denouncing the actions of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. Espaillat called for Justice Alito to recuse himself from all January 6th-related cases currently before the Court.

Alito’s Troubling Behavior

After the Capitol insurrection on January 6th, 2021, it was revealed that Justice Alito flew an upside down American flag outside his home. This action was seen as a nod to the far-right MAGA movement and their dangerous beliefs. Justice Alito’s conduct has raised serious concerns about his impartiality and judgment.

Representative Espaillat emphasized the importance of understanding the company one keeps, as it reflects on their character. Justice Alito’s alignment with extremist views and his failure to recuse himself from critical cases demonstrate his biases and agenda.

Call for Recusal

It is evident that Justice Alito has shown a pattern of behavior that favors the far-right agenda, including reversing legal precedents like Roe v. Wade. His actions, along with his failure to report gifts and conflicts of interest, highlight the urgent need for him to recuse himself from cases involving the January 6th insurrection.

During recent oral arguments, Justice Alito’s alignment with Trump’s extreme views and his leniency towards the insurrectionists further underscore the need for his recusal. His actions pose a threat not only to the rule of law but also to American democracy itself.

Legislative Action Needed

Representative Espaillat called for the passing of H.R. 926, the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act. This legislation would hold Supreme Court Justices accountable to the same standards as other federal judges. Until such measures are in place, Justice Alito’s behavior will continue to undermine the integrity of the Court.


It is imperative that Justice Alito recuses himself from all January 6th-related cases to uphold the principles of justice and democracy. Watch the video of Representative Espaillat’s powerful speech on the House floor to learn more about this critical issue.

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