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Rebuilding Trust After the Capitol Attack

In a recent interview with WXOW, Michael Fanone, a police officer injured during the January 6, 2021 US Capitol attack, shared his perspective as a member of “Courage for America.” This organization comprises everyday Americans who have faced political violence personally or professionally.

Educating the Public

Fanone emphasized the need to educate Americans about the severity of the events on January 6. He aims to dispel misinformation spread by elected officials and highlight the reality of that day through his first-hand experiences and body-worn camera footage.

A Call for Accountability

Addressing the impact of the Capitol attack, Fanone stressed the ongoing divisiveness and threat of political violence in the US. He urged accountability for elected leaders who perpetuate falsehoods that incite such actions, emphasizing the importance of upholding democratic values.

Prioritizing Democracy

Reflecting on the future for his four daughters, Fanone expressed disappointment in the lack of leadership integrity following the events of January 6. He underscored the necessity of choosing representatives who prioritize democracy and serve all constituents, not just a select few.

Courage for America Initiatives

Fanone’s advocacy extends to a nationwide tour sponsored by Courage for America, a progressive organization formed in 2022. With a focus on engaging communities, his appearances in districts like Western Wisconsin’s 3rd District aim to foster dialogue and promote civic involvement.

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