Astrology influencer kills partner and throws children from car during solar eclipse

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Shocking Events Unfold in Los Angeles

An astrology influencer, driven by eclipse fears, was involved in a violent incident that led to tragic consequences. Danielle Johnson, known as “Ayoka”, with over 100,000 followers, posted alarming messages concerning the solar eclipse on social media.

Johnson’s beliefs about the eclipse being a form of spiritual warfare culminated in a disturbing series of events on the day of the eclipse.

A Devastating Chain of Events

Following a verbal altercation with her partner, Jaelen Chaney, Johnson resorted to violence, resulting in Chaney’s tragic death. Subsequently, Johnson fled the scene with her two children, committing an unthinkable act on the freeway.

While driving at high speeds, the children were thrown out of the moving vehicle, leading to a heartbreaking outcome. Johnson’s actions escalated, culminating in a fatal crash in Redondo Beach.

Unfolding Tragedy and Aftermath

As the sole survivor of the harrowing incident, the nine-year-old child is left to grapple with the aftermath of the events. Sadly, Chaney’s body was discovered hours later, underscoring the tragic nature of the incident.

Despite the extensive investigation into Johnson’s social media presence, the motive behind her actions remains unclear. Law enforcement authorities are yet to establish a definitive link between the eclipse and the tragic events.

Reports indicate that there was no history of domestic violence between Johnson and Chaney, highlighting the unexpected and devastating nature of the incident.

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