Father and Son from Iran Sentenced in Capitol Riot Case

Virginia Father and Son Sentenced for Capitol Riot

Virginia Father and Son Sentenced for Assaulting Police During Capitol Riot

Father and Son Plead Guilty

Farhad Azari, aged 65, and his son Farbod “Francis” Azari, aged 33, hailing from Virginia, pleaded guilty to two felony counts each for their involvement in the Capitol riot. The charges included assaulting police with a dangerous weapon and civil disorder. They were identified by witnesses and arrested in early 2023.

Details of the Assault

Both Azaris participated in the attack on police at the west side of the Capitol. Farbod confessed to dismantling a fence, throwing objects at officers, and using a flagpole as a weapon. Farhad also admitted to throwing objects and entering the Capitol during the breach of the Senate Wing doors.

Prosecution and Sentencing

Prosecutors sought significant prison terms for the Azaris, highlighting their violent actions on January 6, 2021. Ultimately, U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth sentenced Farhad to 30 months and Farbod to 50 months in prison. The judge considered a downward departure for Farhad due to his age and health.

Background and Explanations

Farhad Azari, a descendant of a Sephardic Jew, fled Iran with his family to escape dictatorship. They resettled in Virginia, where he built a business. Farhad supported Trump due to the Abraham Accords and believed in the election fraud claims. Farbod expressed remorse for his actions and took full responsibility during the sentencing.

Judge’s Remarks and Placement Request

Judge Lamberth commended the Azaris for choosing the U.S. and acknowledged their regret and explanations. Both requested placement at FCI Allenwood in Pennsylvania and will receive credit for time served since their plea hearing.


The Virginia father and son have faced consequences for their involvement in the Capitol riot. Their sentencing reflects the seriousness of their actions, while also highlighting their backgrounds and expressions of regret.

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