Fitness is a Lifestyle, Not a Phase

### Royce Lee: From Skinny Fat to Fit and Bulking Up

Royce Lee, a 33-year-old host and content creator from Singapore, has transformed his physique and lifestyle through dedication to fitness and a high protein diet. Despite his love for carbs, Royce has managed to maintain a healthy weight of 60kg at a height of 1.68m. His fitness journey began during the COVID-19 circuit-breaker period, where he found solace in home-based online personal training sessions.

### Commitment to Transformation

Royce’s commitment to physical transformation was fueled by a desire to improve his overall health and appearance. Realizing the importance of diet in achieving his fitness goals, he adopted a high protein diet that helped him shed excess weight and define his muscles. While the process was challenging, especially in reducing his carb intake, Royce found support from friends and his personal trainer crucial in staying motivated.

### Challenges and Achievements

Reducing carbs in his diet proved to be one biggest challenges for Royce, but with determination and discipline, he was able to overcome it. The results of his transformation were evident as many noticed his leaner physique and defined muscles. Encouraged by his personal trainer to bulk up by eating clean, Royce aims to continue his fitness journey by gaining more muscle mass.

### Maintaining Physique in the Media Industry

As someone in the media industry, Royce faces pressure to maintain a certain appearance. Despite the scrutiny, he focuses on feeling comfortable in his own skin and prioritizes his well-being over external expectations. Balancing a hectic schedule that involves travel and food tastings, Royce stays mindful of his diet and incorporates bodyweight exercises when access to a gym is limited.

### Self-Esteem and Future Goals

Reflecting on his journey, Royce remains optimistic and believes that self-confidence is key in overcoming insecurities. While he acknowledges room for improvement in his diet discipline, he embraces fitness as a lifestyle rather than a phase. Looking ahead, Royce aims to continue his fitness routine and strives for continuous self-improvement in his health and physique.

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