Fatalities from Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak Reach 4, Severe Storm Threat Spreads from Missouri to Texas

Devastating Tornado Outbreak

Overnight in Oklahoma, a tornado outbreak resulted in at least four fatalities, including an infant. The National Weather Service reported multiple large and extremely dangerous tornadoes touching down simultaneously in several parts of Oklahoma. The fatalities occurred in Holdenville, near Marietta on I-35, and in Sulphur, where Governor Kevin Stitt declared it the most damaging event he has experienced during his tenure.

Widespread Damage and Injuries

In Sulphur, around 30 individuals were injured, and numerous properties were destroyed. Reports of injuries, property damage, flooding, and downed power lines and trees were received from multiple counties. The town of Sulphur witnessed the impact of at least two large tornadoes, prompting a flood warning for the city.

Severe Weather Threat Continues

As the devastation in Oklahoma unfolded, severe storms continued threatening a vast area from Missouri to Texas. More than 47 million people were at risk of severe weather on Sunday. Cities such as Dallas, Austin, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and the Kansas City metropolitan area were on alert for strong tornadoes as storms moved across the southern Plains.

Tornado Watches and Warnings

Millions of people were under tornado watches on Sunday evening, with areas in eastern Texas and parts of Oklahoma, western Arkansas, and southwest Missouri being particularly vulnerable. The Storm Prediction Center highlighted the possibility of large hail and damaging winds in addition to tornadoes in these regions.

Storm Reports Across Multiple States

As the tornado outbreak unfolded, numerous states were impacted, including Nebraska and Iowa. Damage and destruction were evident in communities such as Elkhorn, Omaha, and Pottawattamie County. Tornadoes resulted in injuries, property damage, and widespread devastation, prompting disaster proclamations and emergency responses from local authorities.

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