Former Ald. Solis’ Collaboration with the FBI in the Burke Case, as Revealed by an FBI Agent

FBI Confrontation Leads to Chicago Corruption Probe

FBI Confrontation Leads to Chicago Corruption Probe

The Turning Point

In a pivotal moment in Chicago history, FBI Special Agent Ryan McDonald testified in the corruption trial of former City Council member Edward M. Burke. McDonald described a scene where the FBI confronted Danny Solis, a City Council member, at his home. The agents presented Solis with audio and video evidence, which eventually led to a sweeping racketeering indictment against Burke. The FBI chose not to execute search warrants at Solis’ offices to keep the investigation confidential.

Solis’ Cooperation

Despite not initially targeting Burke, the FBI flipped Solis and he eventually agreed to work as an informant. The jury saw and heard recordings made by Solis, including a call where Burke asked for a recommendation for his firm. Solis also mentioned an opportunity with the Old Post Office, which Burke was allegedly trying to manipulate for personal gain.

The Burke Probe

On the eve of the five-year anniversary of the FBI raid on Burke’s offices, McDonald revealed that Solis’ cooperation was initially tied to former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. Solis helped the feds build a separate racketeering case against Madigan, who will face trial in April. Despite Solis’ prominent role in the case, prosecutors do not intend to call him as a witness.

Burke’s Trial

Burke is currently on trial for racketeering, bribery, and extortion charges. Solis’ cooperation has been a key aspect of the case, with defense attorneys calling him the exhibit for corruption. The Chicago Sun-Times revealed Solis’ cooperation in 2019, and he later struck a deal with prosecutors that could help him avoid a conviction.

Testimony and Name-Dropping

The trial featured testimony from David Reifman, the city’s former commissioner of planning and development, who oversaw the Old Post Office project. Former Mayor Rahm Emanuel and other City Hall figures were mentioned throughout the trial but not accused of wrongdoing. Defense attorneys attempted to shift the focus onto Emanuel, portraying him as the city’s most powerful politician at the time.

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