Former Capitol Police Chief states Pentagon sent security to homes of military leaders as Capitol police were overwhelmed on Jan. 6

The Capitol Police Chief’s Explosive Revelations

  • Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund is set to release his upcoming book “Courage Under Fire” on Jan. 3.

  • Revealing snippets from the book were recently shared by The Washington Post.

  • Sund will delve into the harrowing events of Jan. 6 and issue a stark warning about the potential for a repeat scenario.

Lack of Preparedness for Domestic Terror Threats

According to ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, the United States remains ill-equipped to handle another domestic terror incident, as evidenced by the chaos that unfolded during the Jan. 6 attack in 2021.

In his upcoming book “Courage Under Fire,” former Chief Steven Sund highlights critical breakdowns in communication and response protocols among federal agencies responsible for safeguarding the nation against terrorist threats.

Sund’s account sheds light on the systemic failures that culminated in the violent siege on the Capitol, a desperate bid to disrupt the election certification process as reported by The Washington Post.

\”The security measures implemented post-9/11 proved inadequate on January 6,\” Sund stated in his book. \”We failed to recognize the evident warning signs, akin to a ‘gray rhino’ charging headlong towards us.\”

Revealing New Details

Sund’s narrative unveils startling revelations, such as the Pentagon dispatching teams to protect military leaders in their residences while leaving the Capitol vulnerable, neglected, and besieged as Sund’s team battled to safeguard lawmakers and staff.

Despite urgent pleas for military assistance, it was a staggering three hours before any substantial aid arrived, long after the Capitol had been secured.

Sund’s frustration is palpable as he describes the Capitol Hill battle unfolding on global screens without meaningful military intervention.

He highlights a dearth of actionable intelligence from national security agencies regarding the gravity of known threats, lamenting the prioritization of politics over Capitol Police security, a volatile mix he deems a \”recipe for disaster.\”

Jan. 6 Committee’s Ongoing Probe

Sund’s revelations coincide with the latest disclosures from the Jan. 6 committee, which recently published additional findings.

Gain deeper insights into the Capitol Police Chief’s gripping revelations in his upcoming book “Courage Under Fire,” shedding new light on the events of Jan. 6 and the alarming vulnerabilities that persist within national security frameworks.

Source: Business Insider

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