Japan deems Biden’s ‘xenophobic’ remarks ‘regrettable’ – BBC.com

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Recent Controversy Surrounding Biden’s Comments on Japan and India

Japan’s Response to Biden’s Comments

Following President Joe Biden’s recent remarks, Japan expressed disappointment and labeled his comments as ‘xenophobic’. Read more on BBC.com.

India Rejects Biden’s Allegations

Meanwhile, India’s Foreign Minister dismissed Biden’s accusation of ‘xenophobia’. Find out more on Reuters India.

Jaishankar’s Reaction to Biden’s Statement

Additionally, S Jaishankar responded to Biden’s statement, denying any claims of ‘xenophobia’ towards India. Check out the full story on NDTV.

Analyzing Joe Biden’s Diplomatic Approach

Exploring Joe Biden’s diplomatic strategies with Japan, read more on The Wall Street Journal.

President Biden’s Comments on Japan and India

President Joe Biden stirred controversy by referring to Japan and India as ‘xenophobic’ nations unwelcoming to immigrants. Find out more on Yahoo! Voices.

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