Former Republican Governor Hogan is favored by certain Maryland Democrats but they remain opposed to his Senate candidacy.

Maryland Democrats Weigh in on Senate Race

As Maryland Democrats gear up for the primary elections, the focus is on securing the best candidate to face off against former Republican Governor Larry Hogan in the upcoming Senate race. The stakes are high, with control of the chamber potentially hanging in the balance.

The Leading Contenders

David Trone, a three-term congressman, and Angela Alsobrooks, the Prince George’s County Executive, are emerging as the frontrunners among the 10 candidates vying for the Senate seat. Party voters will have the final say on who they believe has the best shot at defeating Hogan in November, a feat that has not been accomplished by a Republican in Maryland for over four decades.

Voters’ Perspectives

John Fischer, a retired federal employee, cited Trone’s experience as a decisive factor in his vote, emphasizing the importance of preventing a Republican majority in the Senate. On the other hand, Lisa Hartman supported Alsobrooks, noting the extensive backing the candidate has garnered from high-profile figures within the Democratic Party.

Financial Influence in the Race

Trone’s significant personal investment in the campaign has raised some concerns among voters like Hartman, who feel that the sheer volume of campaign ads may overshadow the democratic process. However, Trone remains confident in his ability to appeal to a broad coalition of voters and secure a victory in the general election.

Policy Positions and Identity Politics

While both candidates share similar policy stances, Alsobrooks’ status as a potential barrier-breaking figure as Maryland’s first Black U.S. senator holds significance for voters like Donna Gathright. The historic nature of Alsobrooks’ candidacy, coupled with her experience in public service, has resonated with many Marylanders.

The Campaign Trail

The campaign has seen its fair share of negative ads and accusations, with both candidates facing scrutiny over their political affiliations and financial backing. Trone’s self-funded approach has drawn criticism from Alsobrooks, who highlights the need for a candidate who can inspire unity among Democratic voters.

The Road to November

As the primary elections draw near, Maryland Democrats are faced with a critical decision that will shape the future of their representation in the Senate. The outcome of the primary will set the stage for a high-stakes showdown with Hogan in November, with control of the chamber hanging in the balance.

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