Residents of Bartholomew County facing multiple criminal charges following Jan. 6 incident

Bartholomew County Residents Facing Criminal Charges for U.S. Capitol Assault

Recently, a grand jury indictment revealed that two individuals from Bartholomew County are facing six criminal charges for allegedly assaulting law enforcement officers and storming the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The indictment officially charges Donald Lee Moss, 62, of Elizabethtown, and James Link Behymer, 61, of Hope with various offenses including civil disorder, assaulting officers, and disorderly conduct.

Both defendants were arrested by the FBI in February and subsequently released on personal recognizance. They are currently under the supervision of the Southern District of Indiana.

The federal prosecutors allege that Moss and Behymer were part of a group of rioters who violently assaulted D.C. Metropolitan police officers near the U.S. Capitol on the fateful day.

Identification and Allegations

According to the complaint, the two men were identified through cellphone records and witness accounts. They were accused of shoving officers, striking them with batons, and participating in the violent assault.

Moss and Behymer made their way into the Capitol, where they allegedly moved a sign with controversial messages before taking pictures of it. Moss was captured on video footage carrying the sign inside and outside the building.

Previous Incidents

The arrest of Moss and Behymer adds to the list of Bartholomew County residents facing legal consequences for their involvement in the Capitol insurrection. This includes former Columbus resident and heavy metal musician Jon Schaffer, who pleaded guilty in April 2021.

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