Heidi Somers Paves the Way for Female Fitness

Heidi Somers: From Rock Bottom to Fitness Pro

In the world of health and fitness, Heidi Somers, also known as “Buffbunny,” has become a powerhouse. With millions of social media followers, she is known for her super-motivational attitude and accessible workouts. However, Somers’ journey to success was not always easy. She has used her personal experiences to fuel her mission of helping others kickstart their own road to fitness.

Fitness from Experience

Heidi Somers’ story began as an unhappy college freshman. Overweight and struggling mentally, she decided to make a fresh start by moving from her hometown in North Pole, Alaska, to pursue medical school in San Antonio, Texas. This move gave her the motivation she needed to turn her life around. Somers fell in love with CrossFit and even found success on the bodybuilding stage. However, her early days in the gym were not without challenges.

Somers recalls feeling overwhelmed and struggling to take advice from men who were giving her tips on nutrition and fitness. As she learned more about these topics and transformed her own physique, she realized the importance of providing women with the guidance and sense of community she wished she had when she first started. Today, she shares her experience and knowledge with her millions of followers.

Self Confidence Through Self Empowerment

As Somers’ relationship with her body and social media audience grew, she discovered the importance of listening to others. She realized that women want to feel seen and heard, which led her to create her Buffbunny clothing line. Many women felt that gym clothing was not made with them in mind, so Somers wanted to change that. She also values learning from different types of people and applying that knowledge to her products.

Somers understands the mental obstacles that come with starting a fitness journey. She remembers feeling isolated and alone in the gym. To combat this, she recommends purchasing noise-canceling headphones and participating in group classes for the sense of community and support. Somers continues to develop her brand and has started working on a female-focused fitness app called Grounds.

Heidi Somers Upper Body Dumbbell Circuit Blaster

For those looking to incorporate Somers’ workout style into their routine, she offers an upper body dumbbell circuit blaster:

Standing Shoulder DB Press:

4 sets 10 reps
Rest: 75 seconds between sets

DB Upright Row:

4 sets 12 reps
Rest: 75 seconds between sets

DB Around the worlds:

4 sets, 15 reps
Rest 60 seconds between sets

Overhead DB Triceps Extension:

3 sets, 12 reps
Rest: 60 seconds between sets

Triceps Kickback:

3 sets, 15 reps
Rest: 60 seconds between sets

Biceps Curl:

3 sets, 10 reps
Rest: 60 seconds between sets

Dumbbell 21’s:

3 sets, 7 reps each
(Full, half, ¼)

Heidi Somers continues to inspire and empower women through her fitness journey. She believes in the importance of finding a sense of community and supporting one another. With her accessible workouts, motivational attitude, and commitment to improving herself, her community, and her brand, Somers has become a leading figure in the fitness industry.

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