Hundreds of Migrants Dropped Off in New Jersey to Evade New York Regulations

Migrants Taking Detour in New Jersey to Bypass New York City Order

New Jersey Becomes a Bus Stop for Migrants Heading to NYC

Over the holiday weekend, hundreds of migrants destined for New York City took a detour in New Jersey, apparently in an effort to bypass a city order aimed at managing the influx of arrivals. Thirteen buses carrying around 450 migrants arrived in New Jersey since Saturday, with additional stops in Secaucus, Fanwood, Edison, and Trenton.

End-Run Around New York City’s Emergency Order

The sudden surge of arrivals in New Jersey seems to be a workaround of an emergency executive order issued by New York City Mayor Eric Adams. The order requires charter bus companies to provide 32 hours’ advance notice of migrant arrivals and restricts the drop-off times. By using New Jersey as a stopover, these buses are trying to circumvent the limitations imposed by the order.

Assistance in Transit

The buses, primarily from Texas but with at least one from Louisiana, had chaperones who helped migrants transfer to trains and buses heading into New York City.

Avoiding Responsibility

While Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s office has not responded to requests for comment, a spokesperson for Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards clarified that the migrants were from Texas, and their office was not involved. New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy’s office stated that “nearly all” of the asylum seekers continued their journey to New York City.

Migrant Crisis in New York City

Mayor Adams Takes Action

New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed an executive order to bring structure to the process of dropping off migrants near the Port Authority Bus Terminal. The order requires charter buses to adhere to specific drop-off times and mandates advance notice of arrivals. The mayor believes that the city is being overwhelmed by the migrant crisis.

A Record Number of Arrivals

In recent weeks, New York City has processed over 161,500 asylum seekers, with 68,000 of them currently residing in shelters under the city’s care. The city is legally obligated to provide shelter to those who seek it. Last week, the city experienced a record-breaking 14-bus arrival from Texas, the highest number since the influx of migrants began.

Texas Sends Migrants to Democrat-Run Cities

A Political Maneuver

Texas has been sending migrants to cities governed by Democrats as a way to draw attention to the challenges faced by states on the southern border and to pressure President Biden to take action. Governor Greg Abbott claims to have sent 25,000 migrants to New York City alone. In response, a spokesperson for Mayor Adams accused Abbott of using asylum seekers as political pawns.

Chicago’s Influence on New York City

Mayor Adams modeled his executive order after similar laws in Chicago, which set restrictions on when and where migrants can be dropped off. As a result, buses from Texas started dropping migrants off at O’Hare International Airport, random streets, and surrounding suburbs in Chicago.

New York City’s Executive Order

Under Mayor Adams’s executive order, buses can only arrive on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Drivers must provide manifests detailing passengers who arrived in the country in the last 90 days, those who might require emergency shelter, and whether they are traveling alone or with family members. Violators could face misdemeanor charges, fines, and impounded buses.

Spreading the Burden

Similar rules regulating drop-off times for chartered buses carrying migrants are being passed by suburbs surrounding Chicago. Mayor Brandon Johnson of Chicago announced an unexpected arrival of 350 asylum seekers on a private airplane that landed at Chicago Rockford International.

Implications for New Jersey and New York City

Challenges and Unintended Consequences

Mayor Michael Gonnelli of Secaucus, New Jersey, where several migrants disembarked over the weekend, expressed concerns about the enforceability of the new rules and their impact on transit hubs in the state. Despite the executive order, migrants are still finding their way to New York City, driven by desperation and the search for opportunities.

Continued Flow and Determination

Power Malu, who works with migrants and directs them to the city’s intake center, stated that the new rules are too strict. He mentioned that more migrants are arriving on foot at the Roosevelt Hotel intake center after being dropped off elsewhere. The flow of migrants is unlikely to be slowed or stopped by these measures.

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