Kennedy Calls for Fair Hearing of All Sides in Jan. 6 Attack Prosecutions

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Statement on Capitol Riot Prosecutions


Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently released a statement raising concerns about the prosecution of rioters involved in the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Kennedy’s Stand

Kennedy hinted at the possibility of politically motivated prosecutions of the Capitol rioters, echoing claims made by former President Donald Trump. He suggested that the charges against the rioters might be driven by political agendas rather than the pursuit of justice.

Controversial Fundraising Email

Regarding a controversial fundraising email sent by his campaign, Kennedy faced backlash for sympathetically referring to the rioters as “activists” who were deprived of their liberties. Despite cutting ties with the contractor responsible for the email, Kennedy’s recent statement maintained a similar sentiment.

Special Counsel Proposal

Kennedy proposed the appointment of a special counsel to investigate whether Trump allies were unfairly targeted for prosecution. While he criticized Trump for his role in instigating the Capitol attack, Kennedy expressed willingness to rectify any injustices discovered during his presidency.

Retraction of False Claims

Initially, Kennedy falsely claimed that the rioters were unarmed. However, he later retracted this statement, acknowledging that some rioters carried firearms and assaulted Capitol police with various weapons, emphasizing the severity of the violence that took place.

Capitol Riot Violence

The January 6 Capitol attack involved extreme violence, with rioters engaging in physical altercations with police, breaking windows, and causing chaos within the Capitol building. Over 1,300 individuals have been charged, with more than 800 already sentenced, some for serious crimes like seditious conspiracy.

Judicial Response

Judges overseeing the Capitol riot cases have highlighted that individuals are being punished for their actions, not their political beliefs. Special counsels have been appointed to investigate crimes and ensure that prosecutorial decisions are thorough and unbiased.

Concerns and Criticisms

Democrats have expressed concerns that Kennedy’s candidacy could divide anti-Trump voters. By downplaying the seriousness of the January 6 attack, Kennedy’s recent statements have been viewed as potentially providing cover for Trump and his allies.

Legal Actions

Notably, Kennedy’s previous affiliation with an anti-vaccine group, Children’s Health Defense, has led to legal action against news organizations, including AP, alleging violations of antitrust laws by spreading misinformation.


In conclusion, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s remarks on the Capitol riot prosecutions have sparked controversy and debate, highlighting the complexities surrounding the aftermath of the January 6 attack and the ongoing legal proceedings against the rioters.

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