NBC 6 South Florida reports 2 fatalities and 7 injuries, including police officer

The Tragic Shooting Incident at CityPlace Doral

Early morning chaos erupted at CityPlace Doral, resulting in one fatality and multiple injuries, including a brave police officer.

The Dispute at Martini Bar

According to Miami-Dade Police Information Officer Alvaro Zabaleta, a dispute at Martini Bar led to a tragic turn of events when a security guard tried to intervene.

The Fatal Shooting

The situation escalated quickly as the shooter brandished a firearm and fatally shot the security guard, causing shock and devastation among those present.

The Police Response

Witnesses described a heavy police presence at the scene, with officers swiftly arriving with lights and sirens blaring to address the emergency.

The Injured Officer

During the chaos, one City of Doral officer sustained a gunshot wound to the lower extremity, requiring immediate medical attention at the hospital.

The Shooter’s Fate

The perpetrator met a swift end as law enforcement officers neutralized the threat, resulting in the shooter’s demise at the scene.

The Bystanders’ Injuries

A total of six bystanders, including two women and four men, suffered gunshot wounds during the incident, with some individuals in critical condition.

The Aftermath

As the injured were rushed to the hospital, including a dramatic scene of a medical helicopter landing in the early hours, the community grappled with the aftermath of the tragic events.

A Story in Progress

As details continue to unfold, stay tuned to NBC6 for the latest updates on this developing story that has impacted CityPlace Doral.

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