Key points from the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot hearing: What we learned

The Capitol Riot Hearing: Key Takeaways Revealed

Witnesses shared crucial insights in the congressional committee hearing on the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot, shedding light on the actions – and lack thereof – by former President Donald Trump during the violent attack.

Hawley’s Controversial Gestures

Senator Josh Hawley’s symbolic fist-raising outside the Capitol, followed by images of his retreat from the rioters, sparked a mix of reactions among the attendees, including laughter, as the committee displayed compelling video evidence.

Solemn Moments with Vice President Pence

Witnesses recounted Vice President Mike Pence‘s tense moments in his office while rioters closed in, revealing the distressing atmosphere as security personnel grappled with the decision of safely evacuating him amid the chaos.

Adversaries Emboldened

Former deputy national security adviser Matthew Pottinger highlighted how the Capitol riot not only raised concerns among U.S. allies but also bolstered the confidence of America’s adversaries, feeding into a narrative of governmental instability and a nation in decline.

Ongoing Investigations and Future Hearings

Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson confirmed that the probe is far from over, with additional witnesses stepping forward. More hearings are slated for September, just ahead of the critical midterm elections.

Trump’s Alleged Role in the Riot

Representative Adam Kinzinger pointed fingers at President Trump, accusing him of allowing the violence to unfold at the Capitol by not intervening promptly, insinuating that Trump’s inaction was a deliberate choice to let the mob carry out his agenda.

Silence from the Top Officials

High-ranking officials revealed that Trump remained passive during the riot, glued to the television in the White House dining room. Surprisingly, there were no reported calls made by Trump to key officials who could have intervened to quell the violence.

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