Kia’s 2024 EV9 rebate increased to $7,500

Kia Offers Increased Rebate on 2024 EV9

Kia has announced an increased rebate of $7,500 on the 2024 EV9, marking it as the largest discount offered on this EV model to date, as reported by CarsDirect.

Kia’s Latest Offerings

A recent bulletin sent out by Kia to its dealers unveiled the new 2024 EV9 rebate, effective until April 30. This Customer Cash incentive cannot be combined with other promotional rates or lease incentives. Interestingly, Kia’s purchase discount for the EV9 now matches its $7,500 lease cash offer.

Production and tax credits

Kia is gearing up for US production of its inaugural three-row electric SUV starting in May. The company anticipates that the EV9 will qualify for the full $7,500 Inflation Reduction Act EV tax credit by early 2025.

Popularity and Pricing

The EV9 is rapidly gaining popularity, with Eric Watson, Kia America’s vice president of sales operations, highlighting its impact on the company’s sales performance. Starting at $54,900 excluding destination, the EV9 now comes with a $7,500 April rebate, bringing the base price down to $47,400, offering potential buyers a great deal before negotiations with dealers even begin.

Additional Savings

In addition to the rebate, Kia continues to offer a $1,000 loyalty discount for existing Kia owners. This loyalty discount provides further savings to potential buyers looking to purchase the 2024 EV9.

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