Man who recorded Ashli Babbitt shooting during Jan. 6 riot receives 6-year prison sentence

Utah Man Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Capitol Attack

A man from Utah, who filmed the fatal shooting during the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, has been sentenced to six years in prison. John Earle Sullivan, 29, was found guilty of obstructing an official proceeding and possession of a dangerous weapon on Capitol grounds. The U.S. District Judge also ordered 36 months of supervised release for Sullivan, along with a $2,000 restitution fee.

Revealing True Intentions

Court documents revealed that Sullivan, who posed as an activist on various digital platforms, aimed to cause chaos and disruption to the status quo. Despite his outward appearance, his true objectives were to incite violence and unrest.

Active Role in Inciting Violence

On January 6, Sullivan arrived at the Capitol equipped with a ballistic vest, gas mask, and a bullhorn. He encouraged fellow rioters to storm the building and actively participated in escalating the situation. Sullivan even filmed the events to avoid arrest while continuing to provoke and lead the chaos.

Involvement in Destructive Acts

Inside the Capitol, Sullivan urged law enforcement to stand down and instigated the crowd to commit acts of violence. He openly declared possessing a knife and encouraged others to break windows, leading to further escalation of the situation. Tragically, the events resulted in the fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt.

Legal Consequences and Fallout

Sullivan was arrested in Salt Lake City, and it was revealed that he had profited from his riot videos before being convicted. Since the Capitol attack, over 1,385 individuals have been charged across all states for their involvement in the insurrection.

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