Manhattan D.A. Seeks Gag Order in Trump Criminal Case Ahead of Trial

Trump Case: Manhattan Prosecutors Seek Gag Order and Jury Protection

Trump Case: Manhattan Prosecutors Seek Gag Order and Jury Protection

Prosecutors Request Gag Order

Manhattan prosecutors have requested a gag order to prevent former President Donald J. Trump from attacking witnesses or revealing jurors’ identities in his criminal case. This move comes as a response to Trump’s history of targeting individuals involved in legal proceedings against him.

Gag Order Details

If approved by Judge Juan M. Merchan, the gag order would prohibit Trump from making statements about witnesses and prosecutors involved in the case. The district attorney emphasized the need to protect jurors’ identities, requesting that their names be kept confidential.

Focus on Witness Protection

In a separate filing, prosecutors highlighted the importance of safeguarding witnesses in the case. Special counsel Jack Smith is taking measures to shield potential witnesses from harassment or intimidation. This includes preventing public disclosure of their names.

Background of the Case

The Manhattan criminal case, scheduled to begin trial on March 25, stems from allegations that Trump orchestrated a cover-up of a potential scandal. Prosecutors claim he sought to conceal payments made to a porn star to prevent adverse effects on his 2016 presidential campaign.

Defense’s Response

Trump’s legal team is expected to challenge the proposed gag order. They argue that limiting Trump’s ability to defend himself violates his First Amendment rights. The defense also disputes allegations of election interference, describing them as irrelevant to the case.

Controversy Surrounding Witnesses

Trump’s lawyers have raised concerns about witness credibility, particularly targeting former fixer Michael D. Cohen. They question Cohen’s truthfulness and seek to bar his testimony in the upcoming trial.

Prosecutors’ Strategy

Meanwhile, prosecutors are preparing to introduce additional evidence related to hush-money payoffs orchestrated by Trump. They aim to present a comprehensive narrative that includes multiple instances of attempts to suppress damaging information.

Challenges Ahead

As the trial date approaches, both sides are gearing up for legal battles over the admissibility of evidence. Persuading the judge to allow certain allegations, such as claims of sexual assault, may prove to be a contentious issue.

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