Summit unites conservatives in common goal of opposing Trump at ‘Anti-CPAC’ event

Conservatives Gather to Challenge Trump at Principles First Summit

Over the weekend in Washington, D.C., hundreds of conservatives convened at the Principles First Summit, distinct from the CPAC event. The resounding message from the summit was clear – Donald Trump‘s candidacy poses a threat to democracy. Many attendees expressed their willingness to support President Joe Biden in the upcoming election, highlighting the importance of targeting Republican primary voters who have opted for candidates other than Trump, notably those backing Nikki Haley.

Principles First Summit – A Movement for Democracy

Established in 2019 as a right and center-right movement, Principles First aims to safeguard democracy as an alternative to the increasingly Trump-centric CPAC. The recent summit saw a significant increase in participation, drawing around 700 attendees who resonated with the movement’s focus on democratic values.

Contrasting CPAC and Principles First

While CPAC witnessed a decline in attendance and embraced Trump’s MAGA ideology, Principles First stood out with a commitment to upholding democratic principles. The contrast was evident, with CPAC featuring a “J6 Insurrection” pinball machine, while Principles First underscored a message of respecting democracy.

Voices Against Tyranny and for Democracy

Speakers at the Principles First Summit, including former White House staffer Cassidy Hutchinson, emphasized the importance of rejecting tyranny and upholding democratic ideals. The event also honored Hutchinson with the Profiles in Courage award for her pivotal testimony on the January 6 attack.

Mobilizing Against Trump’s Agenda

Hutchinson, along with other anti-Trump voices, stressed the urgency of mobilizing voters, particularly in swing states, to prevent Trump from reentering the Oval Office. The focus was on educating voters about the critical choice between supporting democracy or enabling Trump’s agenda in the upcoming election.

Support for Democracy and International Affairs

Speakers at the summit, including former Rep. Adam Kinzinger and experts on international relations like Fiona Hill, highlighted the need to uphold democracy and support efforts against threats like Russian aggression in Ukraine. The consensus was on the importance of preserving democratic values.

Call for Accountability and Fair Elections

Leaders like Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger and former federal appeals court Judge J. Michael Luttig emphasized the necessity of accountability and fair elections in upholding democracy. They stressed the importance of following the law and ensuring electoral integrity.

Ultimately, the resounding call from the Principles First Summit was for Trump’s defeat in the 2024 election to pave the way for a more moderate and rational center-right political landscape. The urgency to prevent further erosion of democratic principles and values was a central theme throughout the event.

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