Millions Invested by USDA in Fertilizer and Renewable Energy Initiatives

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Empowering Farmers with Renewable Energy and Fertilizer Production


The Inflation Reduction Act is injecting millions of dollars into projects that support renewable energy and fertilizer production for farmers and ranchers. This initiative was recently announced by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack during his visit to the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

Supporting Farmers

Vilsack emphasized that the success of farmers should not be determined by the size of their farm. Many farmers are currently juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet, leading to a significant decline in farm numbers across the United States.

He highlighted the importance of providing options for farmers, which are readily available through USDA programs. These programs aim to transform farms into sources of multiple income streams, reducing the need for farmers to work multiple jobs.

Sustainable Agriculture Investment

The latest injection of $124 million from federal legislation is directed towards sustainable agriculture initiatives. A portion of this funding will support the Rural Energy for America Program, enabling AG producers and small business owners to adopt clean energy sources like wind and solar.

Vilsack emphasized that these initiatives not only increase income and lower utility costs for farmers but also contribute to a cleaner environment, creating a triple-win scenario that should be replicated in other rural economic sectors.

Fertilizer Production Expansion

Another significant opportunity lies in the Fertilizer Production Expansion Program, which has already received over $174 million in USDA investments. Companies like Bluestem Systems are leveraging this program to enhance their fertilizer production capabilities.

Positive Outlook

Nebraska Farm Bureau President Mark Mchargue expressed optimism about the opportunities these programs bring to farmers, emphasizing the voluntary and incentive-based nature of the initiatives. Vilsack reiterated that the goal is to shift the narrative from “get bigger or get out” to creating sustainable farming practices that allow families to thrive on their farms for generations to come.

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