Woman mistakenly has a house built on vacant Hawaiian lot she purchased

House Built on Wrong Lot in Hawaii – A Legal Fiasco

The $500,000 House Mistake in Hawaiian Paradise Park

A surprising turn of events unfolded in Hawaiian Paradise Park when Annaleine Reynolds discovered a $500,000 house built on her property by mistake.

The Purchase

In 2018, Reynolds acquired a one-acre lot at a county tax auction for approximately $22,500. The property, located in Hawaiian Paradise Park on the Big Island’s Puna district, was intended for future use.

The Mix-Up

While Reynolds was in California amidst the pandemic, she received news that a real estate broker had sold the house on her land without her knowledge. The house was constructed by PJ’s Construction, hired by local developer Keaau Development Partnership to build homes in the area.

The Legal Battle

As a result of the mix-up, Reynolds, along with the construction company, the architect, and others, are now facing a lawsuit from the developer. The dispute revolves around ownership, responsibility, and compensation.

The Counterclaim

Reynolds has rejected the developer’s offer for an alternate lot of equal size and value. Her attorney, James DiPasquale, emphasized the significance of not setting a precedent that allows unauthorized construction on private property.

The Allegations

The developer’s attorney, Peter Olson, believes that Reynolds is exploiting the situation for financial gain. Reynolds, on the other hand, has filed a counterclaim stating that she was unaware of the construction taking place on her property.

Unforeseen Consequences

The empty house has reportedly attracted squatters, adding to the complications of the situation. The lack of proper oversight and communication has led to a complex legal entanglement.

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