My friend has made a ridiculous request involving my husband.

### Open Marriage Jealousy

In a recent letter to Slate’s How to Do It column, a reader expressed feeling a sudden and intense pang of jealousy in their open marriage when a friend asked to “borrow” their husband for intimacy. Despite having a successful open relationship with multiple partners, this particular situation triggered an unexpected emotional response. The reader described feeling like a stranger in their own body and sought advice on how to navigate this uncharacteristic jealousy.

### Exploring Jealousy in Non-Monogamous Relationships

The columnist delved into the complexities of jealousy in non-monogamous relationships, pointing out that jealousy can stem from a variety of underlying emotions such as envy, insecurity, and fear of abandonment. The reader was encouraged to reflect on the specific triggers of their jealousy and to communicate openly with their husband and friend about their feelings. By examining the root causes of jealousy and addressing them proactively, the reader may gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and strengthen their relationship dynamics.

### Seeking Clarity in a Long-Term Marriage

In another letter to the column, a reader expressed concerns about feeling undesirable in their long-term marriage. Physical changes and health issues had impacted their intimacy, leading to feelings of insecurity and loneliness. The reader shared instances where their wife’s comments had made them question their attractiveness and the state of their relationship. Despite efforts to maintain a connection, the reader feared that their wife had fallen out of love and was staying together out of obligation.

### Communication and Understanding in Relationships

The columnist advised the reader to have an open conversation with their wife about their feelings of insecurity and seek clarity on their mutual attraction. By addressing their concerns directly and expressing vulnerability, the reader could gain insights into their wife’s perspective and strengthen their emotional bond. It was emphasized that physical changes and health issues can impact intimacy in relationships, and understanding and support are essential in navigating such challenges.

By exploring the complexities of jealousy in open relationships and promoting open communication in long-term marriages, Slate’s How to Do It column offers valuable insights into navigating the intricacies of intimate relationships and addressing emotional challenges with empathy and understanding.

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