New Way to Sculpt Abs: Fitness Expert Shares Most Efficient Floor Exercise

### Fitness Pros Recommend Russian Twist for Toned Abs

The race to get toned up for summer has begun, but finding time for lengthy gym sessions can be challenging. However, fitness professionals have identified the most effective exercise to focus on for sculpting toned tummy muscles.

According to the Minny Hustlers fitness duo, renowned personal trainers based in Minneapolis with a significant TikTok following, the exercise of choice is the Russian twist. This exercise involves twisting the core while seated on the floor, leaning back with bent knees, and targeting the obliques on the side of the body as well as deep core muscles.

### Expert Recommendations and Benefits of Russian Twist

Certified personal trainer Lo Lundstrom, one half of the Minny Hustlers, emphasizes that the Russian twist is suitable for all fitness levels as it can be modified by keeping feet on the ground for beginners or lifted for an added challenge. Other fitness experts, including Peter Donohoe, a certified personal trainer and core strength teacher, advocate practicing this movement two to three times a week to see results.

Donohoe highlights that the Russian twist is a total core exercise that enhances balance, stability in the spine, and trims the midsection simultaneously. Unlike traditional exercises like crunches and planks, the Russian twist engages a transverse range of motion, toning a broader set of muscles in the abdominal area.

### Additional Benefits and Cautions

Aside from toning the core, the experts note that the Russian twist can also serve as a leg workout by incorporating leg movements to tone glute and thigh muscles. Personal trainer Amanda Hoffman advises individuals to perform the exercise slowly and with control to avoid overexertion.

Experts also caution against pushing too hard with speed and emphasize the importance of being aware of any discomfort or pain in the lower back, recommending to stop the exercise if any such sensations arise. Overall, the Russian twist emerges as a versatile and efficient floor exercise for sculpting abs without the need for extensive gym sessions.

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