The Potential Threat to Biden’s Climate Achievement Posed by a Trump Presidency

Impact of the <a href="">Inflation Reduction Act</a> on Climate Change

The Fight Against Climate Change: The Role of the Inflation Reduction Act


The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) enacted by Democrats in 2022 has been instrumental in advancing the battle against climate change. The legislation incorporates various measures such as tax credits for eco-friendly energy sources and electric vehicles, grants for climate-conscious projects, and penalties for methane leaks by oil and gas companies.

Threat of Repeal

The IRA has faced opposition from Republicans since its inception. If former President Trump regains power, there is a high likelihood of efforts to undermine or repeal the law, especially if Republicans control both the White House and Congress.

Potential Actions

A second Trump administration may resort to executive actions to diminish the influence of the IRA. Conservative voices are advocating for a meticulous review of IRA programs to safeguard taxpayer funds and prevent financial support to foreign entities like the Chinese Communist Party.

Implications on Electric Vehicles

The Biden administration’s tax credit interpretation has broadened the eligibility criteria, particularly for electric vehicles. Criticism from Trump’s camp highlights concerns about subsidies benefiting China at the expense of the American auto industry.

Hydrogen Energy Policy

There is uncertainty regarding how a conservative administration would handle tax credits for hydrogen energy. The Biden administration’s proposal for stricter guidelines clashes with some Republicans’ views on widening the credit’s scope.

Congressional Challenges

Republican leaders have attempted to repeal sections of the IRA, facing resistance from within their party, especially concerning ethanol credits. Despite the challenges, there is a belief that even if not fully repealed, the law could undergo substantial modifications under Republican control.

Future Outlook

Despite the threats of restrictions on IRA programs, proponents of the law’s incentives remain hopeful. Limiting access to tax credits could lead to political repercussions, as it is generally less popular to revoke existing benefits than to prevent them from being implemented.

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