Prosecutors: Arizona rancher accused of fatal shooting will not face retrial

Arizona Rancher’s Trial Ends in Mistrial

After a deadlock in the trial of George Alan Kelly, the Santa Cruz County Superior Court Judge declared a mistrial last week. The jurors were unable to reach a unanimous decision after more than two days of deliberation.

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Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Decision

Following the mistrial, the Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office decided not to seek a retrial for Kelly. Deputy County Attorney Kimberly Hunley informed the court of this decision.

Case Dismissal

Judge Fink agreed to dismiss the case, with a later hearing to determine if it would be dismissed with prejudice, preventing it from being brought back to court.

Kelly’s Response

When asked for his reaction outside the courthouse, Kelly expressed relief that the ordeal was over and extended his sympathy to the victim’s family.

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Protesters’ Support for Victim

Protesters gathered to support Gabriel Cuen-Buitimea, the victim of the shooting, and called for a retrial. Kelly was on trial for nearly a month in Nogales, charged with second-degree murder in the killing.

Details of the Incident

Cuen-Buitimea, who lived in Nogales, Mexico, was fatally shot on Kelly’s cattle ranch. Prosecutors claimed Kelly recklessly fired shots towards a group of men, including the victim.

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Legal Proceedings

Kelly rejected an agreement with prosecutors that would have reduced the charge to negligent homicide. He was also accused of aggravated assault of another person in the group.

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