Report: Jan. 6 Rioters Display Second Flag Outside Justice Alito’s House

Supreme Court Justice Alito’s Flag Controversy

Reports emerged that a second controversial flag, similar to those carried by rioters during the Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021, was displayed outside the house owned by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. The flag, known as “Appeal to Heaven,” was seen at Alito’s beach vacation home last summer, while an inverted American flag, another symbol linked to the rioters, was spotted at his residence near Washington shortly after the violent incident.

Flag Significance and Backlash

The presence of the upside-down American flag outside Alito’s home sparked outrage, leading to calls for his recusal from cases related to former President Donald Trump. Despite demands for clarifications, Alito and the court remained silent on the origins and meaning of the flags, with Alito attributing the inverted flag to his wife amidst a neighborhood dispute.

Historical Context

The “Appeal to Heaven” flag, dating back to the Revolutionary War, has gained modern associations with Christian nationalism and support for Trump. Rioters, influenced by Trump’s “Stop the Steal” movement based on unfounded election fraud claims, carried this flag during the Capitol attack.

Political Display

Notably, Republicans, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, have also showcased the flag, emphasizing its historical significance. Alito, involved in various Supreme Court cases linked to the Capitol attack and election disputes, has faced renewed calls for recusal based on his alleged biases.

Public Perception and Ethical Concerns

Public trust in the Supreme Court has reached a historic low, raising concerns about the impartiality and ethical conduct of justices. While judicial ethics codes stress independence and impartiality, recent controversies have highlighted the need for clearer guidelines and enforcement mechanisms within the court.

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