Report says Jan. 6 rioters displayed second flag outside house owned by Justice Alito

Appeal to Heaven Flag Displayed at Justice Alito’s Residence

Flag Display Outside Justice Alito’s Residence

Reports surfaced that a second flag, similar to those carried by rioters during the U.S. Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, was displayed outside the vacation home owned by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. The “Appeal to Heaven” flag was observed at Alito’s beach residence last summer, while an inverted American flag was noticed at his Washington home shortly after the Capitol incident.

Controversy and Calls for Recusal

News of the upside-down American flag sparked controversy, prompting demands from Democratic leaders for Alito to recuse himself from cases related to former President Donald Trump. Although Alito refrained from commenting on the flag’s presence or its symbolism, he previously mentioned that the American flag was flown by his wife during a dispute with neighbors.

Historical Significance of the Flag

The white flag adorned with a green pine tree, known to date back to the Revolutionary War, has gained associations with Christian nationalism and support for Trump in recent times. Rioters, influenced by the “Stop the Steal” movement fueled by baseless claims of election fraud, prominently carried this flag during the Capitol unrest.

Political Affiliations and Supreme Court Cases

Several Republicans, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, have displayed the “Appeal to Heaven” flag, emphasizing its historical importance. Justice Alito, involved in Supreme Court cases linked to the Capitol attack, participated in rulings addressing Trump’s immunity from prosecution and the use of specific charges against rioters.

Challenges to Impartiality

Despite renewed calls for recusal from Trump-related cases, Alito has not shown any intention of stepping aside. Similar challenges have been faced by Justice Clarence Thomas, whose spouse’s support for overturning Trump’s election loss has sparked controversy.

Ethical Concerns and Code of Conduct

The public’s trust in the Supreme Court has recently reached record lows, with a focus on judicial independence and the avoidance of political affiliations. The Court, under scrutiny for undisclosed perks to justices, adopted an ethics code in 2023, lacking mechanisms for enforcement.

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