Retired NASCAR driver and his son reportedly arrested for assaulting police officers in the January 6th uprising.

Former NASCAR Driver Tighe Scott Involved in US Capitol Riot

Tighe Scott’s Involvement in US Capitol Riot

Former dirt track racer turned NASCAR driver, Tighe Scott, made headlines for his participation in the US Capitol riot four years ago. Alongside his son, the 75-year-old Scott was arrested by the US Attorney’s Office in D.C., along with another father and son duo from Pennsylvania. The Scotts are facing serious charges, including assaulting police officers who were protecting the Capitol. Notably, they were part of a pro-Trump group outside the building and did not enter.

Tighe Scott’s Racing Career

Before his recent legal troubles, Tighe Scott had a successful racing career that led him to the NASCAR Cup series. Competing from 1976 to 1982 for teams like Ballard Racing and Baxter Price, Scott never secured a win in his six-year Cup career. However, he achieved his best finish of fifth place at Talladega and Bristol on two separate occasions.

Identification by FBI and Prosecution Details

The FBI was able to identify Tighe Scott during their investigation, thanks to a witness recognizing him as a former NASCAR driver. This crucial information greatly assisted law enforcement in locating Scott. Prosecutors revealed that the individuals arrested verbally and physically assaulted officers during the riot, using items like flagpoles, golf clubs, and a “Closed Area” sign in their attacks. Jarret Scott, in particular, was reported to have used a golf club during his altercation with the police.

Legal Consequences and Future Outlook

Currently facing two criminal charges and multiple misdemeanors, Tighe Scott and his son have a challenging legal battle ahead that could result in imprisonment. It remains to be seen how they will navigate the investigation and ongoing legal proceedings.

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