Rita Palma, member of RFK Jr.’s New York campaign staff, has been terminated

The Controversy Surrounding Rita Palma


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign manager revealed that New York campaign staff member Rita Palma was dismissed for her controversial statements encouraging GOP voters to support Donald Trump in Pennsylvania, aiming to prevent President Joe Biden’s victory.

Palma’s employment termination was swift upon discovery of misrepresentation in her statements. Amaryllis Fox Kennedy, the campaign manager, clarified the situation in a post on Wednesday evening.

Palma’s Response

Palma acknowledged her departure from the campaign and expressed her continued support for Kennedy as the best candidate while dismissing the focus on her comments as a distraction.

Despite the controversy, Palma maintained that she dealt with the campaign honestly and has nothing to defend, stating confidently that truth defends itself.

Reflecting on her time with Team Kennedy, Palma spoke highly of the experience and the people she worked with, looking forward to Kennedy’s future successes.

Palma’s Political Strategy

CNN reported that Palma’s strategy included urging voters to support Kennedy in New York, collect signatures for him, and volunteer for Trump in Pennsylvania to block Biden from winning the presidency.

The Kennedy campaign emphasized Palma’s role as a “ballot access consultant” to downplay her significance in the overall campaign.

The Impact on the Presidential Race

The Biden campaign raised concerns that Kennedy’s campaign could act as a spoiler benefiting Trump in the upcoming election, while Trump himself has shown support for Kennedy’s candidacy.

Despite aggressive efforts from Democrats and Biden allies to counter Kennedy’s campaign, the Trump campaign has largely ignored the independent candidate’s presence.

The Road to Ballot Access

The Kennedy campaign views obtaining ballot access in New York as a critical step towards qualifying for the ballot in all states and Washington, DC. Organizers are working diligently across all 62 counties in the state to gather the required signatures within the designated timeframe.

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