Scientists suggest that the future of the universe is uncertain after the release of a new 3D cosmic map | Space

The Universe’s Biggest 3D Map Unveiled

The unveiling of the largest 3D map of the universe, featuring over 6 million galaxies, has sparked questions regarding dark energy and the future of our universe. This groundbreaking map, based on data collected by the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (Desi) in Arizona, surpasses previous efforts by threefold in galaxy count, with many having their distances measured for the first time.

Unprecedented Insights into Universe Expansion

Using this map, researchers have gained unparalleled insight into the speed at which the universe has been expanding over time. The results confirm that the universe’s expansion is accelerating, challenging the conventional wisdom that dark energy, the force behind this acceleration, remains constant.

The Mysteries of Dark Energy Unveiled

Dr. Seshadri Nadathur, a co-author of the study, suggests that dark energy might have been changing over time, contrary to previous assumptions of a constant value. This revelation challenges our current understanding of cosmology and the future trajectory of the universe.

Implications for the Future of the Universe

Prof. Carlos Frenk highlights the significance of these findings, suggesting that a changing dark energy scenario could lead to a potential “big crunch” in the universe, as opposed to perpetual expansion. This paradigm shift calls for a reevaluation of fundamental physics principles.

The research, detailed in a series of preprints, outlines the methodology behind creating the 3D map and measuring galaxy distribution patterns to reveal insights into the universe’s growth over the past 11 billion years with exceptional precision.

Unveiling the Precision of Universe Measurement

Despite the vast distances and ages of galaxies involved, the team achieved precision measurements with an accuracy comparable to high-precision laboratory experiments. This achievement underscores the groundbreaking nature of the research and its implications for cosmology.

Insights from Cosmology Experts

Andrew Pontzen, a cosmology professor at University College London, emphasizes the significance of Desi’s contributions in unraveling the mysteries of dark energy and the universe’s expansion. The data challenges existing explanations for dark energy, paving the way for a deeper understanding of our cosmic reality.

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