Trump promises to free violent defendants imprisoned for January 6 Capitol attack

Trump’s Vow to Release Capitol Attackers

Trump’s Promise to Pardon January 6th Rioters


Donald Trump has made a bold pledge to free individuals involved in the January 6th Capitol Attack, referring to them as “hostages.” This promise forms a crucial part of his plan if he is re-elected into office. However, an in-depth analysis carried out by NBC News sheds light on the violent and criminal acts committed by many of these defendants, debunking Trump’s characterization of them.

Case Analysis

NBC News conducted a comprehensive review of 15 January 6th defendants currently held in pre-trial detention. The findings revealed the extreme violence exhibited by a significant number of the accused, contradicting Trump’s narrative of them being unjustly detained.

Violent Offenses

The analysis uncovered a disturbing trend of violent behavior among the defendants. Their actions on January 6th were far from peaceful demonstrations, with many participants engaging in dangerous and aggressive acts that put lives at risk.

Debunking Trump’s Claims

Contrary to Trump’s assertion that these individuals are hostages, the evidence points to a different reality. The crimes committed by the defendants were severe and not indicative of innocent bystanders caught up in a political conflict.


Trump’s proposal to pardon the January 6th rioters raises serious concerns about accountability and justice. By offering clemency to those responsible for the Capitol attack, he undermines the legal system and sends a dangerous message to would-be insurrectionists.


In conclusion, Trump’s vow to release individuals involved in the January 6th Capitol attack starkly contrasts with the violent reality of their actions. The promise of pardons for these offenders highlights the need for a robust and unwavering commitment to upholding the rule of law.

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