Sen. Ted Cruz Introduces Bill to Repeal Democrats’ Natural Gas Tax

Ted Cruz Introduces Bill to Repeal Natural Gas Tax Proposal

Ted Cruz Takes Action Against Natural Gas Tax Proposal

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas is spearheading a bill aimed at eliminating the proposed “natural gas tax” under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). This move comes in response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to levy fines on energy companies for exceeding methane emission limits set by the government.

According to the Daily Caller, Cruz’s bill seeks to repeal the IRA provisions that impose these fines, which he believes will have detrimental effects on the American economy.

Cruz’s Stance on the Issue

Senator Cruz criticized President Joe Biden’s administration for prioritizing a “radical climate agenda” over the interests of the American people. He emphasized the negative impact of the methane emissions fee on inflation, job security, and energy independence, particularly in Texas.

Support for Cruz’s initiative has been voiced by major organizations in the energy sector, including the Independent Petroleum Producers of America and the American Petroleum Institute.

House Republicans’ Support

In a show of bipartisan agreement, House Republicans previously approved a similar bill to repeal the natural gas tax in the IRA. Representative August Pfluger from Texas echoed Cruz’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of energy security for national interests.

Pfluger expressed the need for Congress to take decisive action against what he referred to as a “looming regulatory disaster” that could hinder American energy production.

Senate Resolution on Gas Furnace Efficiency

In a related development, Senator Cruz successfully led a Senate resolution aimed at blocking a Department of Energy rule pertaining to gas furnace efficiency standards. The resolution was intended to prevent the ban on non-condensing gas furnace models, which could escalate costs for American households.

These recent legislative efforts underscore Cruz’s commitment to safeguarding American energy interests and opposing regulations that could have adverse economic consequences.

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