Some police officers involved in Jan. 6 events are supporting Biden’s campaign

Biden Campaign Enlists Police Officers for Campaign Events

Police Officers Join Biden Campaign

The Biden campaign has enlisted the support of police officers who faced off against rioters at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Key Points to Remember

  • The campaign has recruited officers like Harry Dunn, Aquilino Gonell, and Danny Hodges.
  • These officers will participate in campaign events leading up to the first debate on June 27 in key battleground states.
  • They will highlight how Donald Trump made the Capitol attack a central theme of his campaign after the 2020 election loss.

Michael Fanone, who wasn’t named in the initial announcement, joined Dunn for a press conference outside the New York courthouse where Trump is facing charges of falsifying business records.

The officers will host events in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New Hampshire, focusing on raising awareness about Trump’s threat to democracy and the potential for political violence.

Dunn expressed concern about Trump’s extremist behavior and emphasized the need to elect leaders like Joe Biden who support democracy and law enforcement.

Officer Testimonies

During campaign events, officers shared their experiences from January 6, detailing the violence unleashed by Trump supporters. Fanone highlighted the brutal attack he endured, while Hodges and Gonell recounted harrowing moments of the riot.

Gonell suffered severe injuries during the riot, requiring multiple surgeries, while Hodges narrowly escaped an attempt to blind and crush him between doors.

Impact of Trump’s Actions

The officers emphasized Trump’s dangerous rhetoric and his willingness to incite violence for personal gain. They aim to educate the public about the consequences of supporting such behavior.

The campaign’s efforts align with a new TV ad featuring Robert De Niro, stressing the critical importance of the upcoming election for safeguarding democracy.

As the campaign intensifies in battleground states, these officers play a crucial role in highlighting the real dangers posed by Trump’s divisive tactics and the urgent need for responsible leadership.

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