Senior Capstone Fashion Show hosted by UW-Stout

### UW-Stout Students Showcase Senior Capstone Clothing Collections

In Menomonie, Wisconsin, UW-Stout students recently displayed their senior capstone clothing collections at the end-of-semester fashion show. Ten seniors and a first-year student collaborated to design and coordinate a total of 45 outfits for this year’s WEAR fashion show. Each student conceptualized a theme, established a brand name, developed marketing materials, and crafted a business plan to bring their four-look collection to life.

### Preparation and Dedication Pays Off

Senior and designer, Sofia Morin, shared insights into the extensive preparation that went into the event. Despite the hard work leading up to the fashion show, Morin expressed that the effort was well worth it. She highlighted the progression from ideation and design collaboration with classmates to the ultimate creation of their own collections, culminating in the showcase at the end of the semester.

### Unique Display of Talent and Creativity

In a showcase of individuality and creativity, some designers chose to model their own creations on the runway, while others opted to showcase their designs on family members, friends, or even alumni. The diversity in presentation added an extra layer of personal touch and connection to the collections, further highlighting the talent and dedication of the UW-Stout students.

### A Night to Remember

The senior show night served as a culmination of months of hard work, creativity, and collaboration for the participating students. It provided them with a platform to exhibit their skills, passion, and innovative designs to a captivated audience. The showcase not only celebrated the students’ achievements but also served as a testament to their growth and development throughout their academic journey in the fashion program at UW-Stout.

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