Welcoming DOE Secretary Granholm: Heinrich Embraces the Visit

Senator Martin Heinrich Welcomes Secretary Jennifer Granholm to New Mexico

Senator Martin Heinrich (D-N.M) hosted U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm in New Mexico to showcase the impact of recent legislation in boosting manufacturing and positioning the state as a leader in American-made clean energy.

Inflation Reduction Act Driving Investments

Implemented in 2022, the Inflation Reduction Act has spurred significant investments to combat inflation, boost the economy, create high-quality jobs, and reduce carbon emissions.

Array Technologies Manufacturing Expansion

Senator Heinrich and Secretary Granholm visited Array Technologies’ manufacturing plant in NE Albuquerque and initiated the construction of a new 216,000-square-foot manufacturing campus. This $50+ million investment on Albuquerque’s Westside will generate over 300 jobs for New Mexicans.

Array Groundbreaking

Arcosa Wind Towers Production Milestone

The officials also participated in a ribbon-cutting event marking the production of the first wind towers at Arcosa Wind Towers manufacturing facility in Belén. This $60 million investment is expected to create 250 jobs and have a significant economic impact in the region.

Arcosa Tour

Senator Heinrich’s Statement

Senator Heinrich emphasized the impact of legislation in driving manufacturing growth in New Mexico, stating that it is creating new jobs, innovative technologies, and a foundation for a cleaner energy future for the state.

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For more images from the New Mexico clean energy Manufacturing Renaissance Tour, visit here.


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