Severe Weather Threat, Including Tornadoes, Looms over Oklahoma and Kansas

Severe Thunderstorms Expected to Hit Southern and Central Plains

Recent reports indicate that more than 8 million individuals are facing an increased risk of severe thunderstorms in the Southern and Central Plains region. These storms are projected to bring damaging winds, large hail, and potentially powerful tornadoes to the area.

High Alert for Oklahoma and South-Central Kansas

Meteorologists, such as Kelly Butler from the National Weather Service in Wichita, have identified Oklahoma and parts of south-central Kansas as the areas of highest concern. According to Butler, there is a possibility of strong tornadoes with large to giant hail, reaching sizes like baseballs and softballs.

Urgent Safety Precautions Advised

Residents in the affected areas are strongly advised to have safety plans in place. The National Weather Service has likened the weather conditions in southern Kansas and Oklahoma to past severe weather events, emphasizing the need for preparedness.

Potential Hazards and Warnings

Forecasters have highlighted the risks associated with the upcoming storms, including damaging winds, strong tornadoes, and hail of up to two inches in diameter. The Weather Prediction Center has issued a moderate risk alert for severe thunderstorms across the Central and Southern Plains.

Flash Flooding and Excessive Rainfall Concerns

In addition to severe weather, there is a potential for excessive rainfall in parts of the Central Plains and Middle Mississippi Valley. This heavy rain could lead to flash flooding in urban areas, roads, small streams, and low-lying regions.

Recent Tornado Activity

The looming severe weather threat follows a series of tornadoes reported over the past weekend, resulting in casualties in Oklahoma and Iowa. Tragically, at least five individuals, including an infant, lost their lives due to the tornadoes.

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