Rep. Mike Kelly voted against the Inflation Reduction Act but still benefits from it

Discover How Congressman Mike Kelly Utilized Solar Credits Despite His Opposition to Climate Legislation

Congressman Mike Kelly’s Surprising Solar Move

Despite his vocal criticism of President Joe Biden’s climate change legislation, Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Erie) seized an opportunity to benefit from solar credits for his Uniontown car dealership.

Grant Funding for Solar Panels

The Mike Kelly Automotive Group, owned by Congressman Kelly, secured a $315,000 grant from the US Department of Agriculture to install a solar array. This installation is projected to save the company over $23,000 annually.

A Change in Tune

While Kelly voted against the “Inflation Reduction Act,” citing concerns about tax increases and inflation, his office altered its stance following media coverage of the grant. A spokesperson emphasized Kelly’s support for a diverse energy strategy.

Positive Impact of the Legislation

The Inflation Reduction Act aims to combat climate change by offering tax credits and rebates to encourage the adoption of clean energy technologies. This initiative is expected to create significant economic benefits.

Expectations for Pennsylvania

According to estimates by the Rocky Mountain Institute, Pennsylvania stands to gain billions of dollars and create tens of thousands of jobs by 2030 through the Inflation Reduction Act.

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