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UC San Diego Gaza Solidarity Encampment

UC San Diego Gaza Solidarity Encampment

Police Intervention at UC San Diego

On Monday, police intervened at the established “Gaza Solidarity” encampment at UC San Diego. The encampment was declared an unlawful assembly, leading to arrests as demonstrators were ordered to disperse. Images captured a line of police officers in front of the encampment on the campus’ Library Walk. Subsequently, the encampment was dismantled, and several arrests were made on the spot.

Statement from UC San Diego Chancellor

Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla released a statement urging students, faculty, and staff to peacefully disperse. The Chancellor emphasized the encampment’s violation of safety and security protocols on campus. By 7:30 a.m., all demonstrators were taken into custody by the San Diego County Sheriffs.

UC San Diego Operations

Following the incident, all classes were transitioned to remote learning immediately. The campus operations on UCSD’s west campus were suspended from North Torrey Pines Road to Interstate 5 due to the police presence. While facilities remained closed, housing and dining services continued to operate normally.

Impact on Transportation

The Metropolitan Transit Service (MTS) temporarily suspended service to UCSD’s Central Campus Station due to the police activity. The closure affected train routes with an ongoing reassessment for a reopening time.

Agencies Involved

The San Diego Police, San Diego County Sheriffs, California Highway Patrol, and UCSD campus police collaborated to dismantle the encampment effectively. The decision was based on health, fire safety, and security risks posed by the prolonged event.

Chancellor’s Message on Encampment

Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla addressed the establishment of the illegal encampment near Library Walk on May 1, 2024. The encampment violated campus policies and posed significant safety hazards. Despite attempts to communicate with the participants, the encampment expanded beyond agreed-upon boundaries, raising concerns for campus security.

Support for Free Expression

While UC San Diego upholds the right to free expression, the encampment’s escalation prompted enforcement action due to safety risks. The university urged individuals involved in the encampment to disperse peacefully for the well-being of the campus community.

Student Perspectives

A diverse range of student voices expressed solidarity with the cause of divestment from the occupation in Palestine. Calls for action were underscored by the need to bring attention to the humanitarian crisis in the region.

Resolution and Rejection

UC San Diego’s Associated Students passed a resolution for divestment, which was rejected by the university. The campus administration affirmed its stance against boycotts and divestment from Israel, citing alignment with the University of California’s position.

Community Response

San Diego Jewish community leaders issued a joint statement expressing solidarity with Jewish college students. Concerns were raised regarding misinformation and protest tactics, emphasizing the need for peaceful dialogue and understanding.

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