University protests in support of Palestine cause disruptions at Columbia, UCLA, and campuses nationwide.

The University of Georgia Suspends Student Over Pro-Palestinian Protest

Student Suspension

Following a pro-Palestinian demonstration at the University of Georgia, a student named Ezra Lewis has been suspended for violating the UGA “Code of Conduct” regulations. The university cited participation in an on-campus protest that disrupted normal operations and violated the Policy on Freedom of Expression.

Immediate Consequences

Hours after the arrest, Lewis received a suspension notification with a two-minute ultimatum to leave campus or face re-arrest. Expressing disbelief, Lewis criticized the university for turning their back on the students who were arrested.

Student Profile

Despite the suspension, Lewis, an honors student and the President of Zeta Phi Beta sorority, has a remarkable academic record. They were recognized for their achievements with a scholarship from the Landscape Architecture Foundation.

Arrest and Charges

Records indicate that Lewis was charged with criminal trespass, a misdemeanor, during the demonstration. After posting bail, they were released from jail.

Protest and Response

The demonstration, involving the setting-up of an encampment on campus, led to the arrest of at least 25 individuals. Despite warnings to disperse, the protesters stayed, resulting in a breach of school policy.

Call for Action

By engaging in civil disobedience, the protesters demanded UGA to disclose and divest from companies supporting Israel, ensure student protection, and show solidarity with Palestine. Specific demands included divestment from study abroad programs in Tel Aviv.

Authorities were criticized for using excessive force during the arrests, as the situation escalated during the protest. The university has yet to comment on the suspensions, leaving the situation unresolved.

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