When will they arrive and how long will they stay?

2024 Cicada Emergence: Everything You Need to Know

2024 Cicada Emergence: Everything You Need to Know

Trillions of Cicadas Emerging Across the US

Trillions of periodical cicadas from two broods are emerging from their underground habitats in over a dozen states this year, filling the air and creating a lot of noise in the process.

Broods XIX and XIII in 17 States

There are two broods hitting a combined 17 states this year: the 13-year Brood XIX located mainly in the Southeast, and the 17-year Brood XIII in the Midwest. The two broods, which have not emerged together since 1803, will be found in both Illinois and Iowa.

When Do Cicadas Emerge?

According to Cicada Mania, the cicadas begin to emerge from their underground habitats when the soil 8 inches underground reaches 64 degrees, and are often triggered by a warm rain. Thanks to warm temperatures, cicadas have already been spotted above ground in states across the Southeast and Midwest.

How Long Will Cicadas Be Above Ground?

How long cicadas live depends on their brood and if they are an annual or periodical species. The two periodical broods this summer are Brood XIX, which have a 13-year life cycle, and Brood XIII, which have a 17-year life cycle.

Life Cycle of a Cicada

The life cycle of a cicada starts with mating. The female then lays eggs in holes made in tree branches and shrubs, National Geographic reports. The eggs will hatch after six to 10 weeks and the cicada nymphs will burrow themselves into the ground, attaching to the tree’s roots.

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